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LCB-60L Nano-level Superfine Sand Mill for paint and coating grinding

The circular grinding system of the sand mill applies to a wide range of products, specially for products of different viscosity and fineness. the minimum diameter of the grinding beads is 0.1mm. In the shortest time, it makes high capacity and your required fineness range, the fineness degree to reach D90<100nm.

Rotor takes the grinding medias in the whole grinding chamber, efficient centrifugal separation system makes a perfect separation of products and medias.

This bead mill makes the best and finest grinding effect according to different materials (like Polyurethane, rubber, ceramic, cold ammonia ester, rubber, ceramic, freeze casting, wear resistant steel ). Besides, it does a good processing effect for some product in high viscosity.


Printing ink:  gravure printing ink, flexible oil ink, jet ink, UV printing ink

Paint: automation paint (filling, finish coating, primer coating), industrial paint, marine paint, electrophoresis paint, Lithium battery, Carbon black, Construction, coating, emulsion paint, Pigment, dye, cosmetic, magnetic, food industry (chocolate),


High strong grinding system;

High ware resistance of the core grinding components;

High flow capacity to realize the high productivity and performance;

Equipped well-designed cooling device for the agitator rotor;

Special grinding chamber helps to reduce the flow inertia force;

Separator system with large diameter;

Reduce material loss considerably when material change.

A.    Since the nanamaterials appear in the market and the development of bead mills, the improvement is continuously from chamber, grinding rotor, transmission system, outlet and inlet, mechanical seal, jacket cooling system, grinding media etc. Until now, Naonch bead mills have got amazing performance under our team through these years, the continuous improvement and the combination of several bead mills producer like Netzsch and Puhler, our mills has got 3-5 times output capacity, less particle size, 3-5 times more longer using life, better finished quality than others horizontal bead mill suppliers.

B.   Chamber raw material: outer layer made of #304SS. Inner layer made of high wear resistance and carrion resistant alloy steel or silicon carbide. Those hardness material will not cause metal contamination to poor the quality of finished product.

C.   Imported double mechanical seal with its special design to protect slurry from lockage and contamination. Superior design of grinding rotor(different structure) and the feeding system to let particle size under 80 – 100nm after several circulation and in a relative short time.

D.   The best grinding beads zirconium are available, media size 0.1-0.8mm available to make ultra-fine products.

E.  Specialized design of jacket double thread cooling system from inner chamber, inner pallet on the two ends and other parts to protect the raw materials while grinding; chilling water 10-15.Of course, for the pin-type bead mill in Naonch, cooling inside the axel equals to the central of axel. The finished product are output from the axel which is different from other types bead mill.

F.   Design the slipping track under the grinding chamber for available in changing beads, cleaning and the maintaining job.

G.   Closed type of chamber design to keep solvent from evaporating while grinding in chamber. What’s more, it reduces the air pollution and care the health.

H.   External temperature gauge equipped can see the temperature inside the chamber.

I.    Air diaphragm pump to utilize the air pressure which from air compressor to control the pumping speed of diaphragm pump, this pumping speedy rate can control the flowing speed rate and the flowing capacity of raw materials. 



       Vessel volume(L)

Motor (KW)


Medium size (mm)

Weight (kg)

Dimensions (mm)






















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