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How Ink is Manufactured By Mill

For grinding paint, Ink, coatings, the most commonly used equipment for premixing and pre-dispersion work is a high speed dispersers. Figure 1 illustrates typical high speed dispersion equipment. These types of dispersers are most commonly found in ink manufacturing sites. They may have a variable, dual, or fixed speed drive. 

The shot mill is made up of a chamber, rotating disks, and shot (small spherical pellets). The chamber is made of hardened steel and holds a shaft with rotating disks. The shot charge is placed inside the chamber. The shot can be made of several different types of material but, typically for news inks, some type of steel alloy will be used.  

After the product exits the mill, it goes through a series of filtration steps to remove any oversized particulates. The filtration system consists of bag filters that have decreasing pore sizes (~150 microns to as small as 10 microns, one micron equals .000039 inches). Since milling involves metal media, an electromagnetic filter is used as a part of the filtration system to eliminate any metal fragments from the product. The product is then pumped to a tank called the letdown tank for final adjustments to meet the customer's requirements. Once physical properties of the ink lie within the specifications, it is ready to be shipped to the customer. 

The equipment illustrated in Figure 1 is mounted on a hydraulic lift which can be raised or lowered. This is to either withdraw the mixing blade from a tank or to place the high speed mixing impeller at the most desirable level in order to achieve the best flow pattern. The equipment in Figure 2 also has a low speed blade to aid mixing. 

Milling follows premixing to achieve a higher degree of dispersion with higher shear forces. For the manufacture of black news ink, a shot mill or media mill is used. 

A mill base containing large particles will require extended residence time with a corresponding decrease in throughput rate. There are several different types of milling equipment. However, for the news ink industry, bead mills are typically used. The mill can be either in the vertical or horizontal mode as shown in Fig. 2.

and types of shot are available. Normally, chrome alloy steel shot with a 1 - 3 mm diameter are used for news inks. To achieve the optimum conditions for grinding/dispersion, it is necessary to achieve a maximum of energy input while obtaining bead flotation. This varies from product to product and also with ink temperature, shot surface area, behavior under shear, etc. sThe grinding shot must be contained and kept out of the mill discharge flow. This is done with screens and/or rotating controlled gap spaces. Many different size.

In all industries where wet grinding and dispersion are key processes – printing inks, coatings, electronic materials or fine chemicals – Naonch demonstrates a comprehensive know-how and the ability to deliver its customers tailor-made systems for complex processes. As a global technology partner for process engineering, Naonch offers you not only state-of-the-art machines, but also complete solutions for the manufacture of highly advanced materials.

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