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Disadvantages of LiFePO4 cathode materials

LiFePO4 exhibits useful characteristic for active cathode materials such as environmentally benign and none toxicity, low cost, thermal stability, excellent cycle properties with high reversibility of redox reaction, high specific capacity of 170 mAhg-1 and an operating voltage of 3.4 V which made it to a promising cathode material for large scale applications. However, its performance is relatively poor at low temperatures and high current densities that prevent it from being used in all kind of applications. Lithium iron phosphate also suffers from its poor electronic and ionic conductivity as well as slow Li+ ion diffusion in its structure during the redox reactions. These limitations have been improved relatively by using better methods of synthesizing including the use of conductive coating and ionic substitution to enhance its electrochemical properties.

LFP cathode materials generally have low electrical conductivity. The materials, when coated with a thin layer of carbon, allow lithium to pass through, making them conducive to the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries.

Carbon coating also generates high performance, purity and safety for the batteries. The powdery features of the materials provide for easy slurry preparations and cathode coating processes. The process technology used for LFP cathode materials comprises of mixing the raw materials, conversion using chemicals and treating them through heating.

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