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Service hotline:86-769-81880089/82897609
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Test run of Horizontal sand mill

n  Do anything well before test run

n  Check all parts and components are fixed well

n  All rotating direction should follow the arrow shows

n  Check cooling water is smooth 

n  Adjust three-point assembly well, adjust again after 50 hours

n  Add grinding beads from the top of chamber

n  Start up feeding pump, input material until some materials output from the top screen, then start up main motor

n  After long time rest, re-start motor, there are usually some solids and grinding beads settling to lock the separator, specially for the high viscosity under low temperature, blocking will be severe. Under this situation, when motor cannot start up, use hand beside the pulley, to input less solvent that compatible with material to attenuate. Pay attention to that don’t start motor forcibly to keep motor or machine body from damage.

n  After long time rest, clear up the dry slurry inside chamber.

n  Clean separator, it’s better to rotate it slightly and discontinuously

n  Remove impurities and debris when use new grinding beads

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