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Service hotline:86-769-81880089/82897609
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New type Ceramic Pin-type Bead Mill

After modification and improvement from Naonch engineer department, Naonch issued the New-type Horizontal bead mill (60 liters Chamber volume)

-LCT-60L New type Horizontal Ceramic Pin-type Bead Mill.

This mill with ceramic pin-type rotor to make  high purity, high durability, high efficiency and with no metal contamination for products.

Products grinded in a closed chamber with shear-force from zirconia bead, after several cycles of grinding between disperser and bead mill, it makes the required fineness or Nano-level (5um-80nm).

If you need high efficiency, low contamination and Nano-level or ultra-fine fineness, it's the ideal equipment for your factory.

More information refer to Naonch Bead Mills.

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