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Working principle of Bead mills

Bead mill is a kind of wet grinding mill used in chemical liquid products.


Vertical bead mill

Basket bead mill

Horizontal bead mill

Pin-type bead mill

So far, some factories are able to produce the mills with grinding products to be nanometers.

bead mills are consist of machine body, grinding barrel, separator, base valve, motor and feeding pump. Speed of material inlet is controlled by the feeding pump.

Grinding beads

Usually grinding beads for the mills are usually glass beads, zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) beads, Zirconia beads, etc.

Feeding pump

gear pump, diaphragm pump, other thick slurry pump.


Working principle
bead mills adopts the non-level speed control system, which is convenient to adjust the related proper grinding speed for different parts.

Electrical – gas proportional valve with closed loop feedback

Grinding pressure control – independent pressure control device

PLC control system – set grinding time, grinding revolution, temperature, inside pressure, when their limits, mills will auto-stop and arms remanding.


Variable speed control

l  There are three stages when grind processing.

l  Initial stage – Acc rotation

l  Start-up stage - mills at a constant rotational speed  

l  Termination stage – rotation speed down

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