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Service hotline:86-769-81880089/82897609
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Working principle of Naonch disc sand mill

The disc horizontal sand mill which is used widely in the chemical industry and other industries. As the fast development of chemical industry, more and more equipments appears in the market, complicated sand mills. Now Naonch would like to talk about sand mills as below for our customers for reference.

Firstly, with special agitator disc design enable grinding beads to be with inverted driving force and that makes grinding beads distributed evenly in the grinding chamber; agitator disc which are mounted on the agitator are easy to change and are available in different materials; such as hardened steel, stainless steel, high wear resistance polyurethane or ceramics.

You know, as particles distributed narrower which thanks to the excellent grinding dispersion performance of separator. Naonch engineer developed the advanced well-designed grinding beads dispersion system which makes efficient and fast dispersion of beads and materials. Then let’s talk about the separator, it equipped with super max mesh screen which makes high flux, meanwhile, decreases the pressure inside the grinding chamber. Imported double mechanical seal, cooling liquid is the material solvent which makes equipment safe and reliable; cooling grinding chamber with easy-to-change grinding cylinder in stainless steel, hardened steel or zirconium oxide. Naonch designed the special inlet & outlet, with low pressure inside grinding chamber, we guaranteed a long service life time. Naonch spare parts are usually universal, we can fine them easy in the market. Our team are ready to serve our customers with competent advice and efficient support and always guarantees a fast response and thus the shortest down time. The machine parts that contact the product are subject to wear, and are available in different materials like ceramic, wear-resisting polyurethane (PU), hardened steel or stainless steel equipped.

More information refer to Naonch Bead Mills.

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