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Bead Mill Manufacturer with future development

As the fast development of chemical industry and improvement of grinding media dispersion system, more and more requiring for the fineness of materials, also the purity without any metal contamination, requirement for the size of media is smaller. Dispersion of mini-size medias also becomes one of the most difficult problems to solve during the research and development. Now, As bead mills manufacturer, Naonch sand mill would like to introduce thus problems as follows.

The gap ring (with very small mesh screen) and static mesh screen used in the traditional sand mill is hard to disparate mini-size media effectively. As a result, more and more sand mill manufacturers start to adopt the dynamic centrifuge dispersion system. In the condition, the centrifuge rotor drives medias to rotate fast where generate centrifuge force to make medias run around rotor; while in the center of rotor is mainly slurry, then put dispersion mesh screen in the central of rotor, slurry can flow from the gap of screen smoothly without any blocking and abrasion. In conclusion, bead mill manufacturer using the principle of dry gas dispersion to media dispersion of sand mil will be the technology leap in the history of sand mill development.

(2) High energy density pin-type bead mill

In the past few years, some national or foreign bead mill manufacturers agreed that in order to improve the fineness of product(reduce size of particles), energy density should be improved. As a result, various complicated bead mill appears in the market.

A.    Bead mill structure -1 lots of hardened steel pins are placed on the rotor and stator. Materials from the top and drained out of the bottom of twisting N-shape path, in this

       condition, wear from medias to pin, and rotor to stator is very serious; besides, materials usually suffered the metal contamination, as a result, manufacturers have to adopt the expensive zirconium oxide as grinding medias.

B.    Bead mill structure – 2 it’s almost the same as structure – 1, there equipped with a cooling jacket on the rotor in order to solve the radiating problem.

C.    Bead mill Structure – 3, there only pins equipped on the rotor, and cooling jacket placed on the stator and half of the rotor. While it occurs serious abrasion from pin to the face stator, also alone with the problem of metal contamination.

(3) High energy density out ring grinding area of horizontal bead mill

Developers finally return to the basis through years’ complicated design for bead mills in a wrong way! Now people found the real effective grinding only appears the grinding area with certain energy density, while the low-energy density just emit heat (just for gather play); high energy density only appears the outer ring area with the maximum line speed.

A.   Feedstock comes from the radical direction of stator of bead mill, and materials flowing through the outer ring grinding area are discharged from the side of axial direction through the dynamic media dispersion screen. Here the grinding rail is the ceramic dispersion ring. Even mesh screen increased, while dispersion right suffers serious friction and easy to be blocked.

B.   Even such above problems has been solved, while there still problems about that even high production capacity realized, problem like purity without metal contamination and some other about media cost or anything else still to be searched. Naonch bead mill manufacturer with our strong R&D team are try to do it always.

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