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How can Naonch bead mills serve for chemical industry

Compared to ball mill, roller mill, colloid mill and other grinding equipment, bead mills have the advances of high capacity, strong continues, low cost, high fineness and high purity. There’s a big difference between their process conditions, for bead mill, only increase or reduce grinding medias can control the requirement of fineness.

Some common sand mills like vertical sand mill, horizontal sand mill, basket sand mill, double-pin type sand mill, Nano-scale horizontal sand mill, horizontal disc sand mill (its rotor structure as above picture shown), complete ceramic pin-type sand mill.

As Picture shows, the rotor structure of Naonch universal disc sand mill with multilayer discs equipped on the rotor axel. When rotor rotates, grinding medias start grind the material in the chamber under the action of rotor, which makes the qualified fine slurry grinded go across the mesh screen of with smaller space than medias, then flow out from the chamber.

Mechanical seal used in Naonch has been studied and tested to be qualified, we mainly describe the choice for abrasion material and related measures under the working condition of ultra-hard medias. There equipped cooling or heating device on the chamber in case that much heat generated from the abrasion among the material, medias and disc affects the product quality, or the feeding material is congealed to cause the low fluidity and affect the grinding result. Grinding media can be proper natural sands, or the artificial glass beads of diameter 0.1~2mm. When the given material are less than 450μm, the finished can reach below 1μm. When the mill is grinding material, it also enable itself to be with the function of dispersion and mix, which is suited for the milling of pigment, dyes, paint and coatings, medicine and other suspension or rubber suspension.

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