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Popular trend of wood coating

As the demand of high-end furniture, requirements for the wood coatings becomes higher and higher.

Wood coatings refer to the process of protecting a wooden surface, particularly in the production of furniture. The expectation of superior quality wood surface has led to the invention of Wood Coatings. The basic functions of these coatings are better stabilization, hygiene and decoration of wood i.e. to modify the properties of the coating.
There are different technologies and materials used for achieving this purpose; UV curing wood coatings being one of the most important evolutions in this field. This segment is projected to be a potential unit in the coming few years for the Wood Coatings Market.

What’s more, fineness of wood coatings is also required, thus appears the material processed equipment, ultrafine wood coatings will guarantee the properties of the coatings such as viscosity, gloss, impact resistance, foam, etc.

For the fineness of wood coatings, it’s better to be processed by bead mills that grinded into nano-scale that we name it nano coating and it will be very popular as nanomaterials. With tens of thousands of patents issued already just for the coatings industry. Very small ceramic or metallic particles can be added to paint formulations to modify specific properties (e.g., scratch, mar, wear, corrosion, and UV resistance) in highly specialized applications. The average size of nano particles is 10–70 nanometers.

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