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The do's and don'ts when operate sand mill

As more and more chemical industry starts to purchase and use bead mill, Naonch sand mill would like to introduce some simple attentions when operating mills. Of course, even from the external configuration, or compact structure, or the dismount, cleaning, Naonch bead mill enables users to operate and maintain it easy. Well, even they are simple, it’s necessary to be familiar and remember as a machine operator.

 Do's and don'ts as below:

Check all the mechanical or electrical parts before start up, make sure whether connecting bolt is loosen; each lubricating point is normal; whether the driving device is available, and protective device is complete, electrical gauge is in good condition, motor carbon brush connected well. Check around the machine, make sure there’s no barriers around the driving parts, person won’t be permitted around. After all the checking, press the starting button to start up machine, pay attention to the electricity current change.

Maintenance attentions of sand mills:

Operation and maintenance of sand mill should be done by special or professional person, who should be familiar with structure and performance of machine, title, specification and function of each parts. Operators should lubricate all parts needed to be lubricated according to the marks in diagram, keep lubrication point clean. During running, it’s must be sure to check temperature of bearing can not exceed 32 centigrade; and check no loosen for each bolt, no abnormal noise, material or water feeding is even, no slurry leakage appears in the chamber, whether the electricity current, pressure of motor is normal. Protective cover of driving parts is complete. Keep machine environment clean, except the driving parts, other parts of sand mill should be processed any time. Check and maintain machine after running for a period time.

Naonch sand mill with its wide-ranging mill program provides you each time with exactly what you need for your product and your process, any for more information about the processing, maintenance, repair, or the products about the purity, fineness, don’t hesitate to contact us, let’s talk them together.

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