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Buying tips for Horizontal Sand Mill

Naonch Sand Mill believes that the below buying tips is also multiplicative for our foreign purchasers. As well-known, function of Horizontal sand mill mainly depends on the dispersion rotor rotation to make grinding media generate action, cutting, and friction force, than grind material to very small particles. Sand mills in Naonch company make a good performance in the process of materials fineness as our customer required. 

Now Naonch would like to talk about some buying tips for horizontal sand mill.
1. Materials of grinding barrel: in the industry of sand mill, most of manufacturers prefer to the stainless steel material made for the grinding barrels, while there are still several different kinds of stainless steel, purchaser should pay a attention to the good proper materials as you need.

2. Rotor material of grinding barrel: according to the process technology, it’s mainly classified as two: one is the disc grinding shaft, the other is the pin grinding barrel and pin-type rotor. Pin-type sand mill usually makes a better performance than the one with disc agitator.

3. Separator device of material and medias: in horizontal sand mill, dispersion of material and grinding medial usually adopts the gap separator device; while the gap separator is mainly divided into static and dynamic. Choose the proper one as you need under the merits and demerits of the two kinds.

4. Mechanical seal and cooling effect: if any leakage for mechanical seal, or how long is the service life time.  It’s very important to choose the recycle liquid of mechanical seal that is compatible with solvent or water of grinding material, which reduces the cost considerably and without metal contamination.

5. Production: production and quality depends on the reasonable structure design.

6.  Operation: main control parts are gathered which can be operated easily.

7. Color-change, clear up and zirconium oxide –change: it's mainly to know any corner design in the grinding chamber and whether it’s convenient to clean it.

8. Complete safe protection device: electricity box is avaiblable, quality assurance is indispensable.

Besides, it's very important for purchasers to choose the reliable manufacturer or trade company to make sure a good after-sale service. Naonch Machinery promises our customer with quality product, lifetime professional advice and excellent after-sales service.

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