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What sand mill tells chemical industry

Bead Mill is a high efficiency superfine wet grinding equipment, which is mainly used for dispersion and fine wet grinding of solids in a liquid system, mainly serves for the chemical industry. The bead mill mainly severs for the produce like paint, coatings, marine paint, primer coating, varnishes, ink, carbon black, battery, segment and dye pharmaceuticals, ceramics, pesticide, electronic paste, thermal electronic ceramics units, magnetic materials, biotechnology, therm-sensitive paper and other fine chemical area.

Now let’s talk about the nanotechnology, which the main reason why sand mill is so popular in the chemical industry.

The nanotechnology, with tens of thousands of patents issued already just for the coatings industry. Very small ceramic or metallic particles can be added to paint formulations to modify specific properties (e.g., scratch, mar, wear, corrosion, and UV resistance) in highly specialized applications. The average size of nano particles is 10–70 nanometers, Naonch bead mills usually can reach 80~100nm, also we are trying to reach finer scale as you required, so in this scale, it consisting of less than 6.5 million atoms, and the ratio of surface area to mass becomes significant, giving the particles unique properties. For example, at 2 nanometers, the conductivity of metal particles changes and at 20 nanometers, the transparency of ceramic particles changes. At 20 nanometers, particles of gold turn red and their plasticity disappears.

With over 10 year experiences, Naonch Bead Mills are trying to realize the perfect combination of nanotechnology and high efficiency; you do not simply own a mill from Naonch, you receive professional advice about the mill and about your product.

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