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Talk about design for grinding bead mill

According to different application in the chemical industry, Naonch bead mills usually with different design or different materials of agitator to decided the application area. Some characteristics of its design as follows:

Uniform modular design

Naonch takes imported double mechanical seal as the basis to design the machine frame (like Naonch G80, G90 series). It’s very convenient to operate, maintain and clean the equipment thanks to its compact structure design; universal spare parts and their interchangeability enable our customer to choose material, machine structure and equipped parts as needed which is simple and easy.

Multi-area cooling system

Spiral water cycle channel, grinding barrel, outlet, front cover plate, water cooling system inside the rotor can control temperature conveniently.

Various centrifugal dispersion way

Large gap separator alone with the main shaft outlet which can solve the problems of beads sticking and material blocking, meanwhile, with high wear resistance ceramic protective sleeve, it reduces the abrasion for separator considerably. Super max gap separator fixed on the front cover plate improves the flow capability, and that guarantee the large production for factory.

Besides, Naonch company utilizes the best imported parts to mount the equipment to guarantee the best production performance.

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