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Dongguan Naonch Machinery Co., ltd specializes in Nano-level sand mill, Efficient horizontal Maxflow sand mill, grinding machine, laboratory sand mill, high speed disperser, mixer and other series of machines for grinding with searching, development, producing and sales for integration to be a leading role in the manufacturer of grinding sand mill through the teamwork efforts.

Wet superfine grinding and dispersion mixing technology have been being studied and developed all the time, through small chamber, high flow and capacity, low energy cost and attrition to solve all the problems about high purity, high output capactiy and super fineness of products.

As one of the leading sand mill grinding specialist, with imported German technology, Naonch Bead Mills serves for a wide range of industries specially the Nano material dispersion, like paint, varnishes, ink, carbon black, coatings (construction coatings, automation coatings, marine paint), battery, pharmaceuticals, segment, ceramics, cosmetics, food industry (chocolate), suspension concentrate, biotechnology, thermo-sensitive paper and other fine chemical engineering fields.

Naonch sand mill as a high-end wet grinding & dispersion equipment makes a perfect combination of efficient and Nanotechnology. With concept of Quality, Integrity, Creation and Teamwork, Naonch are committed to manufacturer and service quality machines to our customers, also get a good reputation in the market at home and abroad with our efforts. Customers'request and satisfaction is our maximum power all the time.

Excellence service- from consultation to final production
Naonch bead Mills (Mankee Group) supplies the proper project for you which includes:
Designing for bead mills and other machines for the whole production process

Laboratory test of new products

The proper equipped rotor, rotor material and the chamber volume for your products required
Other parts and components with different performance as suggestion or required
Installation and commissioning of the equipment
Training of the operator, maintaining staff
One year guarantee (parts provided for free) and life-long consultation for free

Test production system
Ideal solution for progressing to final production:

Don't fine a proper project for product?

Come to Naonch, we are so pleased to provide the solution for you, we have the test production for supplying, various process and test. Under Naonch team, we will find the best solution for you, to help you solve all the problems during the using of Naonch equipment.

Naonch bead mills makes our customer to get the ideal output capacity and good quality, high purity.

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